A Little More About Me

I’m Julia Nance,

A photographer in my mid-20s, with a passion for photographing people. But surely, you knew that already right? So I thought I’d give you a little overview of what makes me, me. If you’re going to have a session with me, knowing me as me, and not just a strange photographer will really help.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up:

Didn’t you hate that question when you were younger? What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know! Happy? Is that an answer? I remember going through all sorts of career phases from Primary to High School. Being a Doctor, Astronaut, Lawyer, Engineer never ever crossed my mind. My personality is too restless for things like this – my mind wanders into imagination too easily. I really admire people in these fields – such as my beautiful sister who is a very talented engineer herself!

Circus Performer:

As a child I wanted to join the circus. I attended circus lessons with NICA in Prahran, but living out in the suburbs the commute to class each week became a little too much for my parents. So I never pursued Circus, although everytime I see a performance I still feel so inspired.

Tennis Player:

I moved onto wanting to be a famous tennis player. I adored this sport, and was convinced I could leave school and train for tennis everyday. Of course my mother wasn’t going to do that. As she said ‘Tennis players have to play in the heat, and you hate the heat’. It’s true. I didn’t exactly flourish playing tennis on those 35+ days.


I discovered photography in High School. You can read a little about my discovery of the craft here. It became the first realistic goal for me, and something I could stick with. I went on to study the BA Commercial Photography at RMIT University from 2012-2014.

Things I Love (Other Than Photography):

Harry Potter:

When I was aged 9 I became obsessed with the Harry Potter series. My obsession lead me to creating a Harry Potter Club at my primary school, and I was co-leader with another obsessed friend. We sorted everyone into Houses, ran classes (like potions and flying), and had special badges that said ‘headmaster’ on them. My dad made me a broomstick and one day my friend and I poured out a bunch of her mother’s makeup to make ‘potions’. I’ve moved past the Harry Potter Club days, but I read the books annually and collect the illustrated editions, which conveniently come out for my Birthday each year.

Underwater Photography:

Falling in love with underwater photography has opened me up to some of the best experiences of my life. When I visited the Great Barrier Reef in 2013, I brought my DSLR and housing (it was one of those bags), and captured the amazing sea life around me. Turtles, colour, fish, coral. Breathtaking, and I needed to capture it.

For my 21st, my best friend gave me the experience of swimming with the seals in Port Phillip Bay. I decided to bring my DSLR and try a bit of photography of the seals. I was hooked – not only with underwater photography but with photographing seals. Every year since I have gone back to photograph the seals and Dolphins in the bay.

I knew I loved underwater photography, and that if I could, I would travel and photograph underwater. It is challenging and rewarding and addictive. So in 2016, I bought a real housing. I had brushed off my love and seriousness for this subject for so long. One day, I invested in real gear, and pushed myself to do more and create better work.

This led me to Tonga, to photograph the Humpback Whales. I cannot describe this experience, other than it was completely life changing, humbling and emotional. I hope the images I took speak for themselves.

See more of my work here.

TV Comedies

I have the guilty pleasure of enjoying a night watching TV shows on Netflix, curled up on the couch after dinner with my partner and relaxing. I particularly enjoy comedies, and there are several that I enjoy time and time again: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99, Bojack Horseman, New Girl, and How I Met Your Mother.


What a boring, generic answer. Doesn’t everybody love travel? The answer is no, not everybody loves travel, but most people I know love travel, and I am one of them. For me, I enjoy the non-touristy stuff. I haven’t been on any of the big boozy party tours like Contiki or Busabout. In 2017, I travelled Europe for 5 months with my partner, and we took a fairly relaxed pace. For me, I love seeing a place for what it is, not just its highlights and so I walk the streets and the alleys, and find the suburbs.

Who Inspires Me:

My grandparents: who were all kind, hardworking, and supportive. I miss them everyday.

My parents: Who have raised me, had faith in me and put up with me for all these years. My father is the most hardworking person I know. Whilst my mother is strong, creative and passionate about so many things.

My sister: she always sticks to her guns. As an engineer, she has pushed through stereotypes and gender discrimination. She is creative, fun, outgoing, and a true individual.

Some of the Things I Care About:

Animals and Nature: preserving them for our future is important to me. I’m inspired by photographers who dedicate their life’s work to capturing, preserving, supporting and raising awareness of the impacts of Climate Change on animals and our environment.

The Environment: in a broader sense, caring for the environment, reducing waste, and reducing our impact on climate change.

Mental Health: education, support and reducing stigma is something I really support. I love foundations like the Kids Helpline. They personally helped me a lot when I was in my late teens, and I still admire them today.

My Personality:

As a person I am an introvert, a little shy, a little reserved, and in a group situation I tend to observe and listen rather than jump in and steal the limelight. Born as a Libra, I am indecisive (bakeries – the struggle is real), calm and take things pretty easy. I don’t get offended easily, and would rather improve with critique than stay the same with false compliments.

I am creative, driven and passionate about my craft.
Hopefully, you can see these things in my work, and in a session with me.