What does a corporate photographer do?

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Photography

What does a corporate photographer do? And what is even classified as corporate photography?

These are questions you may have been googling, and you’ve ended up on my humble website.

Well hello, I’m Julia, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia and I specialise in corporate headshots and personal branding photography (as well as actor headshots, family photography and fine art portraits).

You need a photographer for business use? Chances are you are looking for a corporate photographer.

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is a form of commercial photography. To sum it up easily, corporate photography is for the business and the corporate world.

It covers everything from staff headshots, and custom stock photography, to event photography in the corporate sector, and photographs of products and services.

If you need any of the below, then you’re looking for corporate photography:

Personal or staff headshots,
Team and group photos,
Custom stock photography (branding),
Office interior and exterior images,
Product photography.

Melbourne man in alleyway for staff headshot update
Group team photo of staff in melbourne alleyway
A personal branding staff in-situ photograph of man in melbourne alleyway

What if I dont want a corporate look?

Every business is different, and various industries have preferred looks and styles. Lots of businesses have branding guides, which may specify the overall feel and style their images need to follow.

These things are all important, so knowing and communicating your brand to your corporate photographer is important.

Not all business photography needs to have the formal flair of what you may imagine a traditional corporate headshot has. You can introduce colour, relaxed poses, props and more.

How Can I Find A Corporate Photographer?

Google and word of mouth are your best friends in finding a corporate photographer,

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you’ve already found one (that would be me…if you didn’t realise already). 

Otherwise, ask other businesses and marketing executives who use photography that you like, and ask for a referral. You can search on LinkedIn, look for featured articles, and across other social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Melbourne barrister headshot of man smiling to camera wearing a suit and tie.
Melbourne corporate headshot photography and personal branding portraits. Man with ipad smiles for promotional portraiture

What To Look For In A Corporate Photographer

Look for a photographer who is specialising in corporate photography (whether that be headshots, branding, events or product). 

Ensure they have a portfolio of work, and the right equipment to get the look you need (eg do they need portable lighting and backdrops?).

Your photographer should be willing to discuss all your needs, dive into your brand, and offer various options and solutions for you. 

Look for a photography who is happy to assist with extra advice for staff (such as what to wear, and how to get ready). 

A great corporate photographer is one that you can have an ongoing relationship with. It’s valuable to connect with another professional who understands your business and brand, and can reliably deliver high-quality imagery that is consistent.

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Julia Nance is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her vibrant creativity is inspired by her experiences. From photographing whales underwater to travelling in Europe. With a vast background in a range of photographic areas, it is Julia’s natural ability to connect with her subjects that ultimately drew her to the art of portraiture. Corporate Headshots | Personal Branding | Actor Headshots | LinkedIn Headshots |
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