A Collection of My Self Portraits

We’re In The Age Of The Selfie

Right? Most people have access to smartphones with front cameras, selfie sticks, or self timer on an actual camera. We have snapchat and Instagram stories to share ourselves, add filters to, and send to others. I’ve grown up with cameras and digital technology that have allowed me to do this. From capturing a new Myspace profile photo or capturing a pose in order to refer to when painting in high school art class, selfies haven’t been a strange thing for me.

These days, the self portraits I take follow two categories:

Light Tests:

Before a shoot in the studio I try to have as much set up as possible. It saves time during your session, so we can get the most out of it. While I’m here, I generally perform light tests on myself, to get it as right as I can before making subtle adjustments when you’re in the studio. Being prepared is always a good idea. Have a look at some light tests below:

Julia Nance - Melbourne Acting Headshots

Julia Nance Portraits - Melbourne Headshot Photography


Conceptual Projects:

Then there are conceptual projects. If I am doing something experimental or if I am unsure how the result will turn out, I often use myself in conceptual projects. This ranges from singular illustrative portraits to entire series.

Upmarket Selfies:

My Mum once referred to one of my selfies as ‘upmarket selfies’ – which I found quite funny. I’m not the best model, and often I take photos of myself that I hate! But studying photography at university put me in front of my friends camera’s a lot, and while its challenging photographing and moving lights on yourself, it’s always a way to grow.

If you don’t trust yourself with a camera, hire a professional. Book a session with me today so we can create great portraits.