Meet Matt – Melbourne Actor.

Matt booked an actor headshot session in the studio with me, for a bit of a refresh.

It was lucky that his session was to be inside, as we hit probably the only bad day within two weeks of blissful weather possible. Lucky for me, Matt was a pleasure to work with – patient and open to new ideas. We were aiming for three strong headshots to update his folio.

Along with various tops, we looked at different backgrounds and lighting. My first studio lighting setup was all about creating dimension. Matt has great bone structure for it too. He pulled out this amazing jacket and we paired it with this subtle, soft brown backdrop and created this standout image. I love his stare here – it is so powerful.

Melbourne Actor Headshots Matt 1


We also did a natural light look. I pulled up this black background, and we had to tweak it a little to get some light on it. It has a textured surface, with little white areas that the paint hasn’t hit. When photographed as a backdrop, it creates this soft bokeh effect that reminds me of a galaxy. Subtle blue tones were shining through in this shot, and I think in the end it tied together well.

Matthew Elliott Actor Headshots 2


The last shot we completed was a little brighter. I pulled out a blue backdrop and switched up the lighting for something new. While still a serious expression, this one is a little lighter with almost a small smile shining through. I like the blue contrasting to the other darker shots. It creates a different feel all together, while not being too overpowering.


If you’re like Matt, and need to update your actor headshots, have a look at my folio and read my other actor headshot advice, or have a look at my featured shoots too. 
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