Meet Maddison Falls: Melbourne Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

Meet Maddison Falls:

I have had the pleasure of photographing Maddison Falls on two occasions. I have also bonded with her over our love of chocolate and cheese and bakery items. Once, for my birthday, she made me a donut-tower! So I can certainly tell you, this woman is more than a just pretty face!

Maddison Falls Photography - Panoramic Beach Landscape

Maddison is a wildlife and landscape photographer. She is also a Melbourne local, and based in the Dandenong Ranges, where she captures beautiful imagery of native wildlife. Alongside the nature she captures at home, Maddison is a talented landscape photographer, and travels extensively over Victoria to capture our beautiful state.

Corporate Headshot Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Corporate Headshots - Professional Linkedin Headshots - Personal Branding PhotographyMaddi’s Current Headshot:

I had Maddi in my studio early this year. We captured some headshots, and one of those is being used on her website About page. It has allowed her to put a face to her name, and show her clients who she is. This goes a long way, considering she frequently attends markets, so her clients meet her face-to-face. The connection is formed by her photo online to her presence in real life.

We went for something simple, open and soft. Keeping the background clean and neutral to ensure focus stayed on Maddi herself. She has a beautiful smile, and this really dominates the shot. You get a really open and friendly vibe from her here, and that what it is all about when she is at her market stalls, selling her photography.

Portfolio Building:

In 2015 I also had the pleasure of photographing Maddison as a part of my portfolio building. I went for a soft look in the studio, which really suited Maddi’s look and her personality too. She is so kind, funny and relaxed, but also polite, respectful and calm.

I am obsessed with her style (remember Maddi, anytime you want to refresh your wardrobe…send your old clothes my way!), and I felt what she was wearing in this particular shoot really pulled everything together, as it tends to do! It all came together with the wallpaper, and her long brown hair pulled all those tones together. I have this shot printed and on my studio wall.


A Different Mood:

Another Portfolio building image for me was a little more moody. This one, using butterfly lighting, highlights her to-die-for cheekbones. We used a darker, mottled background, and she wore a darker dress. While this shot is a lot more moody, it is still soft and flattering. The shadows aren’t harsh, they are simply there to shape the face. We still get some light in her eyes too – it isn’t a dark and lifeless portrait! We still see Maddi’s beautiful smile shining through here.

You can really see the contrast between all three of these shots. Lighting, background and clothing all make a difference to composing that final headshot.

I always enjoy working with Maddi! We always have a bit of a laugh, discuss what cheese to eat next, and we also get great shots too!

Maddison Falls Photography - framed parrot print

Maddison’s Photography:

So we know about my photography, but what about Maddison’s photography?

I have mentioned that she is a fabulous local wildlife and landscape photographer. Her work is full of life, vibrant colour, and stunning combinations of nature and wildlife. Her compositions have a flattering use of bokeh in her wildlife shots, long exposure in her landscapes, as well as stunning textures in her macro work.

She is a university trained photographer and knows the ins-and-outs of the craft, which is really reflected in her work. Her natural talent for visuals comes through in her final products too.

It isn’t just her skills in photography that make her work outstanding. Maddison follows her work from camera, to edit, to printing the work herself, and even as far as framing and stretching her own canvases. A lot of thought and care has been put into her artwork. She manages every step, and the final results are too stunning for words.


From Camera to Wall:

Maddison Falls Photography - panoramic canvas print

I’ve seen Maddison’s work in cards, matted prints, framed prints, and stretched canvas. It all looks spectacular!

I love seeing her work printed big, and placed on the wall! The colours come alive, and brighten up the space they’re in. It is always beautiful to bring a little bit of nature inside. I’m definitely a nature girl – so I love all things colour, outdoors, plants… you name it!

She has beautiful panoramic shots that sit wonderfully above a bedhead or couch. Her series of birds look fantastic lined up in a row. If you’re not so nature-inclined, Maddi also has a range of cityscapes too – for that modern and sophisticated look.

Maddison Falls Photography - framed city print

Maddison Falls Photography - matted prints

You can visit Maddi’s Online Store, and purchase her prints for yourself!

Keep Up To Date and Follow Maddi:

Visit Maddi’s website to view the rest of her portfolio! You can see it at: where you can purchase your own prints! There, you can buy a range of sizes, but in my opinion, they look amazing big.

Maddison Falls Photography - Purple Macro Rose

I’ve seen this one printed as a 24×36″ canvas, and it is spectacular!

Otherwise, keep an eye on Maddi’s social media. You’ll find her on both Facebook (@maddisonfallsphotography) and Instagram (@maddisonfallsphotography).

Keep an eye out for her upcoming summer markets, and see her work in the flesh. I’m sure she would love to chat to you about the stunning places she has captured, and also her fine art process too.

Maddison Falls Photography - Summer Market Stall