Personal Branding Photography for Looking Inwards Meditation

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Meet Tracy:

I met Tracy a long time ago. We share a mutual friend, and often crossed paths at birthday parties as children. So it was amazing when Tracy decided to open her business earlier this year, as I had just started my new adventure with my business too. She is a qualified meditation teacher, and her business, Looking Inwards, consists of classes and courses in meditation. It has definitely been really rewarding to see Tracy kick her business goals, and I have enjoyed following her progress. I have been so lucky for Tracy to have approached me earlier in the year for some headshots, and it was a privilege to work with her again recently to create some studio personal branding shots.

Why Personal Branding Is So Important

You need to define your brand. Especially online. Personal branding starts with how you act with your clients, your mannerisms, personality, language and presentation online. It can go from catch phrases, how you dress, your approach to business, and all of this can be portrayed through the imagery you choose to display. Your brand consists of all your values and is a big step towards creating brand loyalty.

Images are just one thing that contribute to your personal brand. They’re a great visual way to communicate to existing and new clients who you are, what you stand for, and what your business is about. Great branding portraits should give a little insight into what to expect from the person behind the business, and they should be able to be incorporated into a range of media. From websites, to social media, to email, and printed marketing material – you can have a look at some of Tracy’s flyers here!

Looking Inwards:

Tracy’s idea for Looking Inwards is all about “meditation that transforms you“. I was really fortunate to sit in on one of Tracy’s classes, and I really loved the experience. It really helped with our session to see Tracy in action as a teacher and mentor.

melbourne corporate headshot photography of Tracy

In the class I attended Tracy took us through a chosen theme, and we all discussed various parts of ourselves and our lives to reflect and consider. Tracy then took us through meditation exercises, that I felt were really calming and relaxing. I’ve often had trouble with meditation – finding it hard to shut off. In my class with Tracy, I was surprised at how easily I managed to meditate. Perhaps it was the discussion beforehand, or perhaps it was her beautiful relaxing studio environment. I imagine it was the combination of all these things and Tracy’s presence herself that made the experience so positive.

Tracy really advocates everyone being welcome. She wants to create a space where we don’t need to worry about what we look like, how our career is going, or what our relationships are like. It is essential to Tracy for her students to feel welcome and open, trusting and self-loving – and she does this well.

A Looking Inwards Personal Branding Session:

For our branding session, we aimed to get shots that showed Tracy’s beautiful, happy personality, her relaxed manner and her carefree attitude to life. Incorporating plants worked really well too. Tracy’s marketing material uses imagery of plants or other nature in some way, and Tracy herself is a qualified horticulturalist. The plants also linked back to the shots we shot earlier in the year – which took place outdoors. We kept things bright and simple – aiming not to have too much clutter in the shots. We also incorporated some of the Looking Inwards branding colours within what Tracy wore too.

Have a look at some of our shots below.
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