Lisa, the outdoors, and some Business Headshots

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Let’s Have A Look at Some Shots of Lisa Furlong, from iCommunicate Speech Pathology:

As a small business owner, Lisa from iCommunicate Speech Pathology needed to update the image of herself on her website. She wanted a simple image of herself that would look professional and help convey her personality.

Initially, Lisa had booked a studio session with me. Before the day of our shoot, we had more of a discussion about the type of imagery she required. She sent me examples of photos she liked so we both knew what image style to capture.

After looking at examples of images she liked, she quickly figured an outdoor session would be more suitable. So on the day we used the natural environment around my studio for our shots.

It was a hot day when Lisa came to my studio for her outdoor session. Our goal was to get some professional quality images for her website, and being happy and looking relaxed in her photos was key. We needed the images to show her bubbly personality because she does most of her work with younger children, and it reflects how she runs her sessions.

Lisa only needed one or two key shots for the iCommunicate Speech Pathology website and to use on social media. We had a few options for her to choose from, which you can see below. A simple change of jacket on and jacket off changes the dynamic of the image!

You can view Lisa’s website here, and her iCommunicate Speech Pathology facebook page here.

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