Fun Facts About Me

The Facts!

Want to get to know me a little more?
Here are a bunch of fun facts about me.
Be warned: I am a little dorky (but I am completely okay with that!).

1 – I am Harry Potter obsessed.
This series of books took over my childhood.
In primary school I had a harry potter club at the age of 9,
where me and a friend sorted students into houses, ran classes, and gave out detention
(all during recess and lunch at primary school)!

2 – I am a total dog person.
Although I don’t hate cats, I definitely am hanging out to get a dog of my own.
My parents have two dogs, so luckily for me,
my studio is based on their property so I get to see them all the time.

3 – My favourite animals are lambs.

4 – My partner and I work to a really strict budget!
We record all our purchases in an online spreadsheet,
and compare our spending within categories month-to-month
(the red section is ‘rent’).

5 – When I was a child, and also in my early teens, I wanted to become an author.
I was writing ‘children’s books’ from the age of six, illustrating them with cartoons.
I wrote my first novel at the age of 14-15
(it is terrible, and please let’s not ever talk about it again).

6 – In high school I studied both Chinese (Mandarin) and German in high school.
I am terrible at languages other than English,
although I do wish I had of kept up with German
(photo of me in Germany – as I love this country).

7 – My favourite fruit is watermelon.

8 – I have a total sweet tooth now,
but as a child I would always go for savory biscuits.
(What child picks a Savoy over a Tim Tam?)

9 – Nature and outdoors are a big part of who I am.
I grew up on ten acres and I love exploring the outdoors.
Beautiful Nature and fields surrounding Julia Nance Portraits Studio

10 – Despite my love for nature, I am not very great at gardening.
I do have three indoor plants that haven’t died yet though!

11 – Before every shoot, I set up lighting, and photograph myself to test it.
I have so many bad photos of myself,
so don’t even begin to tell me you’re unphotogenic.

12 – When I first went to university, I thought I wanted to pursue fashion photography.

13 – Coco Pops are one of my favourite breakfast cereals,
but I also love the cranberry Plus cereal.

14 – I am an underwater photographer,
and in the past have swum and photographed humpback whales
(I will also be doing this again in 2019!).
Underwater Photography of Humpback Whale

15 – I own apple computers, but not an iPhone.
To be honest, I actually don’t really like iPhones.

16 – One of my other hobbies is ceramics!
Lately I have been working on little pots with faces on them.
So many of these have been given out as gifts.
I started ceramics when I was about 8 or 9. I went back at the age of 14/15,
and back again as a 21 year old after I finished university.

17 – For a long time I have wanted to jump in a caravan,
explore Australia, and take portraits of the people I meet along the way.

18 – In 2017, I quit my job to travel Europe for five months.
When I came back, I threw everything into my business,
and decided to pursue my passion and career full time.

Man Hiking over English Countryside at sunrise

19 – I am a short person: only about 5″3 (or 155cm).

20 – In university, I wanted to pursue commercial advertising photography.
I still really love still life, and try and bring a creative approach to my portfolio
(spoiler, it is colourful!).