Featuring Jen – Life coach & Business coach!

Recently I worked with Jen, who is a small business owner local to me. She decided to bite the bullet and stop putting off getting some new headshots for her business. Like many business owners, Jen wasn’t super keen on getting behind the camera. While she knew there was value in it, it doesn’t stop that all too common dread or nervousness.

“Where do I put my hands!?”, “How do I pose?” – these are the most common worries people express to me!

But Jen was incredible. She arrived with a smile and a positive attitude. We took our time exploring a few various settings both outside, and in the studio. The afternoon was filled with gorgeous summery sunset light, and with the budding spring air it was so uplifting to be outside for a bit.

Next Level You:

Jen is a life coach and business coach, with her business: ‘Next Level You‘. Her goal was to look both friendly and approachable in her images, but not too silly or casual. She needs businesses to take her seriously, especially if she is to be coaching them.

We explored three settings outside, with one of her final chosen images being in this vine-covered gateway. I really like the subtle light in this shot, and the beautiful bokeh effect in the backdrop. It works well as both landscape and portrait too!

Woman standing outside amongst tree and greenery - Melbourne personal branding and headshot photography - linkedin headshots and corporate headshots

During the session we kept things happy and positive. We had some great chats and plenty of laughs along the way. Her smile is absolutely gorgeous, so she definitely nailed the friendly and approachable look!

When we moved into the studio we utilised a pink backdrop first. Pink is one of the main colours in the Next Level You logo, so it seemed to make sense! In the retouching stage, I tweaked the tone of the pink to match the colours a little more. This all helps with linking back to the business, and her branding. It’s a bright and vibrant shot, which takes away that corporate feel that is often associated with studio headshot photography.

Our next studio look we switched up the lighting and used a pale blue backdrop. This soft blue background becomes powerful in how it links back to her blue eyes. It really makes them stand out and come alive. With the neutral jacket choice, the shot works well in keeping the focus all on Jen. Her expression says it all to – it shows the wonderful person she is, while remaining professional.

Melbourne Corporate Headshot - Studio Headshot Photography - Woman on blue background


During our shoot Jen expressed to me how she was looking forward to being able to use Linkedin properly, and start making connections. She didn’t have a profile photo that she felt was serious enough for her profession, and hadn’t been using the platform much because of it. With some updated images, and a few to choose from, she can confidently show off herself as the face of her business.

If you’re in the same boat and want to get some headshots for your business, you can check out my Corporate headshot and personal branding packages, and even book your session online!