Corporate Staff Headshots with Lolita

Do you like your corporate staff headshot?

Lolita came to my studio at the end of last year.

Her workplace was putting some staff headshots online, and she was unhappy with how the generic snapshots taken by her team members were coming out. So she seeked out a professional to help coach and direct her during the shoot.

I can totally relate to Lolita’s problem.

She was wanting an image that was really authentic, and captured her essence. Staff headshots do serve a purpose – they’re a communication tool, and are used to generate trust, show likeability and portray personality. But it can be hard to be authentic when you’re not comfortable.

So when Lolita stepped into my studio we began chatting about what she was after. Getting to know each other really helped, and I explained the process and how I worked. I set up some music to keep us calm, and every so often we took a break and stepped outside into the fresh air – overlooking the mountains at my Lilydale Studio.

During the shoot we explored a couple of backdrops – a light and a dark. We stuck to a similar style of the staff headshots of her peers, which had a light grey background.

We were going for three looks. This gave us a bit of variety, and the chance to get some images of Lolita without her uniform. This options allows her to use an image for other purposes and social media. I really love these shots. She looks so incredibly beautiful and relaxed, and she said that these image really capture who she is.

Staff headshots, like all corporate portraiture, can be quite daunting. It isn’t always the most favourable task, but it can be made enjoyable.

Working with people like Lolita who can really respect and appreciate the process is amazing. It becomes a collaborative effort, as we bounce back ideas and gain an understanding of what is and isn’t working for her. It helps to evaluate as we go, so that I understand the best ways to coach and direct as we proceed.

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